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Focusing on You

Your individual needs are the focus of this Boardman, Ohio psychology practice. Every patient, every family, and every situation is unique and will benefit from a clinical psychologist who can quickly assess, relate and get to the heart of the matter.


Dr. Ranttila is an experienced psychologist serving the Youngstown, Ohio area. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety across the lifespan, relationship issues, autism, family dynamics, discipline and behavior modification. Dr. Ranttila welcomes all ages to her practice.


Beyond personalized therapy sessions, Dr. Ranttila is skilled in assessment of socioemotional diagnoses, learning disorders, autism and ADHD.  


Child Therapy

As children grow up, they may be faced with many challenges.  Dr. Ranttila offers behaviorally based treatment for children, as well as parent support to navigate challenges.    

Family Sessions

A holistic family approach is central to any client’s success.  Dr. Ranttila emphasizes treating and supporting the entire family throughout the therapeutic process.  


Assessment and testing is available for IQ, gifted testing, ADHD, learning disorders, developmental assessment, and autism spectrum evaluation. 

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