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Our Community 


Family comes in many forms, but at the heart of family is the community in which we live and serve. Community doesn't just represent a group of people living in the same place. It's a feeling of fellowship with others, it is a sharing of common interests, attitudes and goals.


Dr. Ranttila is proud to serve her community in many ways through leadership, participation, donation and support. 

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The Dylan's House Board


At the finish line of the Youngstown Marathon Events!

Earth Angel Farm event

Dr. Ranttila and EAF founder Dr. Holly Maggiano

Youngstown Marathon Foundation

Dr. Ranttila serves on the executive board of the Youngstown Marathon Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for community organizations through an annual race. The foundation aims to promote wellness in the community. 

Learn more about Youngstown Marathon Foundation here
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Dylan's House

Dylan's House is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Kevin and Amy Shope and supported by a passionate board of 13 individuals who share their vision. With the start of Dylan's House, they hope to provide housing and support for adolescents, young adults, and their families impacted by Autism. Dr. Ranttila serves on the board of Dylan's House, which raises awareness and funding for adults with autism who are seeking more independent living.

Learn more about Dylan's House here.

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Beyond Expectations Speech Therapy

Beyond Expecations Speech Therapy has been serving the Youngstown area since 2003, serving a diverse range of clients. BEST offers speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills groups for children. 


Dr. Ranttila collaborates with BEST to help create a holistic approach to treatment. Contact Beyond Expectations Speech Therapy to learn more about how they can help.

Earth Angel Farm

Earth Angel Farm is a non profit organization which supports individuals with physical and developmental disabilities through advocacy, education and socialization in an agricultural setting. Their goal is to make life easier for those they serve.


Earth Angel Farm strives to create purpose for their volunteers who have become socially isolated and lack purpose in their life. EAF is actively partnering with other like-minded organizations to create social, vocational and residential opportunities for those living with physical and developmental disabilities.


Dr. Ranttila has been invited to collaborate with Dr. Holly Maggiano, founder of Earth Angel Farm, on a holistic health program to reduce stress and increase healthy lifestyle choices.


Learn more about Earth Angel Farm here.

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